Enterprises want to accelerate their external innovation agenda to benefit from better solutions that can be deployed faster. Therefore they are seeking partnerships with upcoming players that can bring them technological expertise and faster development.

Startups want to grow fast and sustainably. Therefore they are seeking partnerships with established players that can bring them industry expertise, a large customer base and enhanced credibility.



The Bridge designs, operates & delivers complementary bilateral services to individual companies to build partnerships across enterprises and startups.


  • Collaborative platforms: we created and operate B-Hive, the collaborative platform stimulating innovation and communication across financial corporations, relevant technological startups (FinTech & Tech4Fin), service providers and universities and inter-linked with similar leading communities across the world. (Link to www.b-hive.eu)
  • Foundry as a Service: we help corporates wishing to accelerate their external innovation agenda by serving as a single point of contact toward external (potential) sources of innovations, while:
    o   Retaining flexibility over time
    o   Reducing associated costs and risks to set up the necessary connected teams
    o   Speeding up the overall process and building internal skills progressively
    o   Ensuring expertise is kept “fresh” and relevant
  • Scaling as a Service: we help promising scale-ups to land and expand into Europe by providing the services to:
    o   Validate the product-market fit,
    o   Conform their offering to local customer & legal requirements,
    o   Constructively challenge and facilitate their way to customers and viability
    o   Administrate the daily business till its reach the critical mass justifying a dedicated organization

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