We build ventures

We have broad skills and deep experience in not just analysing and advising on innovation along these horizons, but especially in designing, delivering and operating innovative digital solutions.

To compress the time to effective innovation

We deliver innovative digital offerings, sourced in all possible ways, to corporates and their end customers. We instil strong momentum in a pragmatic dual way: quick capture of the value while insuring scalability.

By leveraging the best of both worlds

We know how effectively match interests of both established players and rising tech companies to leverage their complementing capabilities: the industry expertise, customer base to strength of the first with the technological expertise, business agility and creativity of the latter.



The Bridge ecosystem consists in self-supporting specialized companies that can quickly mobilize the competences and capabilities that you need, when you need them. This enables us to deliver on the promise of open digital innovation at speed…even in APAC.



Far more than just innovation consultants or methodologists, we act as co-operator and co-venture builders.
Therefore we work in 3 phases:


  • Helping define the use case /scope of search for innovative approaches.

  • Inside-out: Selecting a set of priority known challenges / opportunities from the core business and the market and looking for the best complementary or disruptive digital solution.

  • Outside-in: stimulating ideas through references to external innovative solutions, with their own dedicated / alternative business model


  • Sourcing technologies / concrete solutions to assess, , identifying technologies, companies, experts, or a combination thereof, in selected local ecosystem(s).

  • Back-test with selected users. Refine concept & validate partners


  • keep the necessary pressure: helping (re)formulate the briefing back to the startup, further participating in working sessions to continue ensuring the “translation”, so as to lead to action (e.g. contracting).

  • Enabling technology integration and/ or further incubating next generation solutions Working closely with our partner companies in key areas and the selected startups to do so

  • Venture building / scaling – Engaging in a very hands-on way in building the offerings/ solutions in a more stand-alone way (e.g. spin-offs), from greenfield developments to companies to pivot and / or modules to acquire and further build on.


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